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  • Application of our removable wall stickers, is easy to do by following a few key steps listed below….
  • Removable wall stickers can be applied to most smooth household surfaces.
  • They are easy to use (simply peel & stick), & can be re-used & re-applied.
  • To save stickers re-stick them to the backing sheet they come on, then when you are ready to re-apply, peel & stick once again! If your backing sheet has been misplaced, baking paper can be used as a substitute.
  • Apply your stickers to a clean (use soap & water to wash the surface – no harsh chemicals / spirits as this can affect the adhesion of the sticker), dry surface (please allow at least two days for wall to dry thoroughly – longer if cooler, wet weather).
  • Recently painted walls need at least 4 weeks drying time, any less & there is a risk of poor adhesion to the surface, which can cause the stickers to peel off.
  • Wash & wear or teflon paints are not recommended, as they are designed to repel, and can cause wall stickers to peel away.



  • Application of our custom wine labels, is easy to do! Simply follow the steps listed below….
  • Apply your custom wine label to a completely clean (no residue), thoroughly dry wine bottle that is at room temperature.
  • Lay the bottle in your lap or on a clean, firm surface where the bottle cannot roll.
  • Starting at a corner, separate your custom wine label carefully from the backing paper either by using your fingernail or a sharp knife.
  • Centre the label over the bottle & gently press the middle of the label down & work out to the edges, smoothing any air bubbles as you go.
  • Once on, let it rest at room temperature for 24 hours & then it’s good to go!


If you have any questions in regards to surface preparation for either your wall sticker or custom wine label, please do not hesitate to email us at – we are here to help!

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